SCOTUS Hears Trump Tax Case, Tackles Tribal Sovereignty

The Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on President Trump's taxes today. Justices are conducting oral arguments by phone. As you might recall, three House committees subpoenaed Trump's taxes and other financial records and the President has refused to comply.

The case centers on congressional authority and presidential powers. Trump's lawyers have offered a host of arguments, including their charge that political motivations lie behind the congressional subpoenas. House lawyers call it legitimate congressional oversight. A ruling in the case is expected by early summer.

That not the only topic on the docket. SCOTUS is also tackling the issue of tribal sovereignty. Justices have heard oral arguments on whether the state of Oklahoma can prosecute a crime that happened in disputed territory between the state and the Muscogee Creek Nation. The case involves an appeal from a Native American man who was convicted of child rape in a 1996 state trial. The decision could redefine how much of Oklahoma belongs to Native Americans.

Source: FiveThirtyEight