Sources: Ellen Isn’t Nearly As Nice As You’re Led To Believe

Ellen DeGeneres has always implored her viewers to “be kind,” But apparently, the world’s richest comedian doesn’t practice what she preaches. One of Ellen’s former staff members backs up a few recent reports to the “New York Post,” saying the stories about Ellen being not-so-nice are “all true.”

Over the past few weeks, Ellen has been taking a ton of heat – criticized for comparing lockdown in her Santa Barbara mansion to “being in jail,” accused of cutting her talk show’s union crew amid coronavirus, a Twitter thread calling her “one of the meanest people alive.” Most recently, her former security guard Tom Majercak spoke up last week to back up the claims by recalling how “cold” and “demeaning” she acts towards anyone who’s not “in her circle.”

The complaints? Among the thousands of admittedly unverified stories in the Twitter thread, Ellen apparently won’t look people in the eyes if they’re not “important” – and those “important” people are said not to include her own staff.

Source: NY Post