Trump Visits Honeywell Plant Manufacturing N-95 Masks

President Trump was in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday at a Honeywell plant to thank the company for its “historic contributions,” especially in the fight against coronavirus.

While visiting the new plant, which has been retrofitted to produce N95 masks, it was perhaps ironic that the President wasn’t wearing a mask himself (especially when a sign posted said that everyone there is required to wear a mask). He wasn’t alone, however – several other officials went mask-free.

Along the way, it was Honeywell’s role in the historic feats of Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh and America planting the American flag on the moon that Trump as he noted that Honeywell is about to take NASA's astronauts to the moon again, but this time as a landing pad on their journey to Mars.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says the vast majority of evidence shows the coronavirus was natural, not man-made. Speaking to reporters, General Mark Milley wouldn't get into intelligence relating to the origin of the virus. Still, he said much of the evidence also points to the virus not being “intentionally released.”

At the same time, Milley added that it isn't known whether the virus came from a so-called wet market or a lab. Milley also called for China to be more transparent so lessons can be learned and applied to the future.

Source: CNBC