Kim Jong Un Returns To The Public Eye

He’s baaaaaack. North Korea’s diminutive dictator Kim Jong-Un has returned to the public eye – reportedly to cut a ribbon at the opening of fertilizer plant. And now? There's commentary from officials that they don't think Kim Jong-Un had that rumored heart surgery at all.

Kim had remained out of the public eye for several weeks. His absence led to all manner of speculation as to his condition including reports he had died during a surgical procedure. Meanwhile, a new report out of South Korea says government officials don't think Kim Jong-un had surgery at all. So why’d he drop out of sight? Who knows.

But what’s more concerning? Reports about an exchange of gunfire happened between North and South Korea at the DMZ. While there hasn’t been anything significant as far as injuries, South Korea's military Joint Chiefs of Staff released statement saying they are watching and evaluating but don't think the North Korean gunfire was a provocation because it happened on farmland.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: Getty Images