China And Trump Blame Each Other For Coronavirus

When it comes to the coronavirus, you’ve got your pick of conspiracy theories, but how did it REALLY start? Well, American intelligence agencies have their thoughts, President Trump has his notions...and China has their own ideas as well.

Speaking at the White House, Trump suggested there's evidence the respiratory illness originated in a lab in Wuhan. Trump wouldn't go into details about what evidence he's seen, but said that the scientific and intelligence communities are still looking into the virus' origins. Thing is? The office of the Director of National Intelligence says the consensus is that the virus occurred naturally.

And then there’s China. They’re accusing the United States of "lying through their teeth.” "We advise American politicians to reflect on their own problems,” spokesman Geng Shuang says in a statement. “And try their best to control the epidemic as soon as possible instead of continuing to play tricks to deflect blame.”

Added to the mix? China’s state news agency has released an animated video mocking the United States response to the coronavirus.

Source: White House