Trump: U.S. On-Track To Start Re-Opening

President Trump says the U.S. is on-track to start re-opening. During a White House event, Trump called it “very exciting” and said the U.S. will be better than ever once the deadly crisis passes. He also defended the levels of coronavirus testing in the U.S. and criticized media coverage of testing availability.

Trump also repeated an argument that the coronavirus outbreak should have been contained in China and should never have become a global pandemic. Still, states are beginning to reopen, albeit to varying degrees, as the coronavirus pandemic pushes into a fifth month.

Many states are taking a very cautious approach with no changes planned until leaders are confident their outbreak is easing. Others are more ambitious, such as Missouri, where all businesses will have state approval to reopen next Monday. A number of states allowed religious services to resume this past Sunday, with social distancing requirements and some costumer-oriented businesses opened this week in a few states, including Georgia, Montana, and Kentucky.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got questions about returning to work, President Trump is going to answer some this weekend. The live “town hall” event, dubbed “America Together: Returning to Work,” will take place at the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday between 7 and 9pm ET.

Source: White House