Trump Signs Small Business Aid Bill

President Trump has signed the small business aid bill that was approved by the House and Senate last week. Speaking in the Oval Office, Trump said it's great for small businesses and workers. The bill pumps another half-trillion into a popular loan program that quickly ran dry after passage last month.

The bipartisan bill covers federal spending and includes billions for hospitals and additional coronavirus testing. Some Republican lawmakers joined Trump for the bill signing in the Oval Office – but no Democrats were present.

Along the way, Trump again defended his administration's response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Pressed about the fact that the U.S. death toll has now exceeded 50-thousand, Trump insisted that he took quick action and saved lives.

Speaking of money, millions of Americans are still waiting for their coronavirus checks to appear in their bank accounts. IRS officials say they've sent out over 88-million stimulus checks worth nearly 158-billion dollars.

Source: White House