Hugh Jackman On HBO's 'Bad Education': 'It Was A Gut Feeling'

The one and only, actor Hugh Jackman, who has starred in blockbuster movies and sold out Broadway, called in to chat with 710WOR's Len Berman and Michael Riedel about his new movie on HBO called “Bad Education.”

Len asked why he took the lead role,

Jackman says, "Yeah no it was a gut feeling, I was just reflecting this morning on it. Sometimes you go I don't know if this makes sense career wise and as you go you get better at working out what is good for your career…a lot of it had to do with Cory Finley the director I really loved his film Thoroughbreds. He’s a Brooklyn playwright and an incredible talent...I just had faith in him.”

Later, Jackman talks next steps when it comes to him starring in the Broadway musical “Music Man” and when it might start. He told Len and Michael “No one really knows when the show will begin, we are following the Governor's lead”.

Check out the full interview with Len Berman and Michael Riedel below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images