House Approves Additional Aid For Small Businesses

Another bill helping small businesses is headed to President Trump's desk today after final passage by the House – and he says he’ll sign it. The measure replenishes a popular loan program that quickly ran dry after passage of the roughly two-trillion dollar coronavirus stimulus bill last month.

The new bill covers nearly half-a-trillion dollars and includes aid for hospitals and money for additional coronavirus testing. Also cleared? A vote to establish a special select committee to investigate whether stimulus dollars are being spent properly.

While the infusion can’t come fast enough, a number of businesses in Georgia will be doing it the old-fashioned way today...and just reopening. The President says he’s not pleased with the Governor of Georgia about the move, but that he’s going along with it.

Trump says he wants the states to open, but he was unhappy to see Governor Brian Kemp chose to open businesses like spas and tattoo parlors in Phase One instead of Phase Two of coronavirus reopening plans. However, Trump says Kemp isn't being defiant because the President ultimately wants the governors to make their own decisions on reopening the states following impacts of COVID-19.

Source: Wall Street Journal