Fighting COVID-19 May Be All About The Antibodies

Results from two studies in South Korea are bolstering the notion that anti-bodies might be the key in treating coronavirus infections. In one study, patients were found to develop “defensive antibodies” after recovery, which would prevent re-infection.

In the other, there was no ‘virus replication’ in those who had become sickened for a second time. In other words, just because someone is re-diagnosed with COVID-19 after recovering, they’re unlikely to infect others.

Here at home, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is releasing results from the state's first antibody test, which shows that nearly 14-percent of residents may have already had coronavirus – as in, more than 2.7-million have the antibodies. Officials are referring to this as phase-one, in terms of trying to determine the state's infection rate.

Source: ABC News