Senate Passes Small Business Aid Bill; No It's Up To The House

A highly-anticipated small business relief bill is headed to the House after passage by the Senate. If passed by the House, the bipartisan measure promises to pump nearly $500-billion dollars into a popular small business loan fund that has run dry.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said the small business bill puts an emphasis on community banks and credit unions. The bill also includes 75-billion dollars for hospitals and 25-billion to expand coronavirus testing. He accused Democrats of delaying the additional aid for well over a week. The measure was approved by a "voice vote."

Speaking of taxpayer money bailing out the country, a number of corporations and institutions are being called out for receiving any government money during this pandemic. As we told you yesterday, Shake Shack was shamed into giving back the 10-million they received from the Feds. Now? Harvard is taking heat for the money they received – nine-million in all. Speaking to reporters yesterday, President Trump said it wouldn't be right for Harvard to keep – and would ask for it to be returned.

Source: CNBC