Report: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un In Grave Condition

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may be gravely ill. According to CNN, the diminutive dictator recently underwent surgery on April 12th and hasn’t been seen since. Sources say his situation is now dire.

An American official speaking on the condition of anonymity says that concerns about Kim's health are credible, but the severity is hard to assess. Kim allegedly had some kind of cardiovascular procedure, and while no one knows what it was – we can guess. It was said to be related to his weight, smoking and stress.

Still, both China and South Korean officials say they haven’t seen anything that suggests Kim is doing anything, but lounging through his recovery. As one Korea specialist working for the U.S. government said on condition of anonymity notes, “Any credible direct reporting having to do with Kim would be highly compartmented intelligence and unlikely to leak to the media.”

Source: CNN