Biden Accuser Expands Her Sex Assault Claim

A woman who claimed Joe Biden harassed her in the 1990s has expanded those accusations to say he sexually assaulted her...and claims she has witnesses – but more on that in a minute.

As we told you before, Tara Reade, claims that in Spring of 1993, Biden put his hand under her skirt after she brought him his gym bag. She was working as an aide to the former Delaware senator at the time. The presidential campaign for the former vice president claims it's untrue.

On that note? Former staffers, who were named by Reade as having been told about harassment at the time, both say they have no recollection of the claim. Thing is? Neither do a number of people Reade says she told about the assault at the time. Either way, Reade has now taken the step of filing a police report – that happened last Thursday.

Source: NBC News