Sanders Drops Out, Biden Says Sanders Has 'Created A Movement'

The race for the Democratic nomination is officially a one-horse race: as Senator Bernie Sanders is bowing out. That clears the path for former VP Joe Biden to become the party's nominee.

Speaking from his home state of Vermont, Sanders thanked supporters and said he's proud that he was able to bypass a "corrupt" campaign finance system to fund his campaign. He stressed that he is suspending his campaign because he does not see a feasible path to the nomination. Still, the lawmaker insisted that he has won the "ideological battle."

Of note? Sanders didn’t formally endorse Biden during his speech – though he did call Biden “a very decent man” and promised to work closely with him. Sanders also ran for president in 2016, but lost the nomination to Hillary Clinton.

Responding to the news, Biden says in a statement that Sanders has "created a movement." Biden also heaped praise on Sanders as he called his one-time rival "a powerful voice for a fairer and more just America." Biden claimed that Sanders "put the interest of the nation – and the need to defeat Donald Trump – above all else."

Source: Bernie Sanders