As CDC Suggests Facemasks, Trump Declines

President Trump has confirmed that the CDC is recommending the use of a cloth facemask such as a bandana as it can be effective to help reduce the spread of coronavirus by those who have no symptoms. He’s also declining to wear one.

For the record, the recommended use of the face covering is for when a person has to go out when strict social distancing may not be an option. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases' Doctor Anthony Fauci says it makes sense to advocate for the use of a facial mask when in public.

For his part, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he will follow the CDC guidelines. Speaking on ABC's “This Week,” the former vice president also urged people to follow the advice of the experts.

ONE MORE THING! Biden isn’t alone when it comes to wearing a mask. As it turns out, the First Lady agrees. Taking to Twitter, FLOTUS urged all Americans to follow the CDC guidelines about social distancing and wearing masks. When asked about the disagreement in approach by reporters, Trump quipped, “'I would wear one. I just generally - would you like me to it wear one right now?” he mused. “That would be a little awkward I guess...I would wear one if I thought it was important.”

Meanwhile... The nation's top doctor is issuing a dire warning about the country's battle against the coronavirus. On NBC's “Meet The Press,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams said this next week will be a "Pearl Harbor" moment for the country. He added that it'll also be a "9/11 moment." Adams also emphasized that people shouldn't substitute social distancing with face masks.

Source: White House