CNN's Chris Cuomo Tests Positive for COVID-19

Add Chris Cuomo to the list of celebrities who’ve contracted the coronavirus. The CNN anchor announced yesterday that he’d tested positive after experiencing fever, chills and shortness of breath. “I just hope I didn’t give it to the kids and [his wife] Cristina,” he noted.

“That would make me feel worse than this illness!” He’s currently isolated in his basement, but will anchor “Cuomo Prime Time” remotely for the time being. While he received well wishes from everyone from Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro to Ben Stiller, the most poignant came from his older brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

He was found out in the middle of a press briefing and said, “Now, he is going to be fine, He’s young, in good shape, strong. Not as strong as he thinks,” he joked. “But he’ll be fine. [Chris is] really sweet, beautiful guy. And he’s my best friend.”