Biden To Trump: Move Faster On Coronavirus

Former VP Joe Biden is calling on President Trump to move more rapidly in combating the coronavirus pandemic. Appearing on MSNBC from his home in Delaware, Biden said the federal government “can't move too fast on this.”

The Democratic presidential frontrunner also said Trump should use his executive authority to "surge more equipment" across the U.S. That includes ventilators and personal protective equipment for doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers.

But that’s not all, Biden accused Trump of issuing conflicting and confusing statements about the coronavirus over the past few weeks. He advised Trump to "get it done – step up and do your job – stop campaigning." Biden warned that things will continue to get worse unless Trump puts politics aside and starts moving more quickly.

The former VP also addressed Trump's weekend remark that New York hospitals should have plenty of masks. The President suggested that they are "going out the back door." Biden called the comment "absolutely bizarre."

Source: CNBC