Americans Split On Government's Coronavirus Response

Americans are divided over the federal government's response to COVID-19. A new Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll survey shows 48% think the feds have done a good job preventing the spread of coronavirus. On the flip side, 52% rated the federal government’s response as "fair" or "poor.”

About three quarters of those polled feel they would be somewhat ready to handle a coronavirus infection, whether it be themselves or a loved one.

Thing is? It’s not just the federal response – Americans have plenty of thoughts about their local leaders. According to the poll, 67% described their state government’s handling of the crisis as “excellent” or “good” and about the same number say their local governments are doing just as well.

“Overall the public is worried about the worst and still optimistic about a recovery in a few months and are reserving judgment on all levels of government," notes Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll polling director Mark Penn. "In terms of economic stimulus, the message is clear: do it all. Even spending $2-trillion gets support from eight in ten."

Source: The Hill