Election 2020: A Big Night For Biden

No one’s officially called the thing overall, but former Vice President Joe Biden is enjoying another clean sweep in the latest round of Democratic presidential primaries. Biden is projected as the winner in Florida, Illinois and Arizona.

What does that mean for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders? That his delegate count of 817 isn’t anywhere near the 1,991 needed to secure the Democratic nomination. And Biden? He’s now racked up 1,132.

Biden broadcast brief remarks from his home state of Delaware. “Let me say especially to the young voters who have been inspired by Senator Sanders: I hear you. I know what’s at stake. I know what we have to do,” he offered. “Our goal as a campaign and my goal as a candidate for president was to unify this party and then to unify the nation.”

He also praised Sanders and his supporters for their passion and ideas. And speaking of those ideas? According to an NBC News Primary Poll, 70-percent of those who supported the former vice president oppose Medicare For All, the primary platform of Senator Sanders. Meanwhile, 69-percent endorse a return to former President Obama's policies.

Sanders has not commented about the results.

Source: Washington Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images