Bonus Segment: Strip Club Offers Virtual Reality Dances

Die Happy Tonight (DHT), a New York-based members-only strip club “for the modern discerning man,” is launching virtual reality lap dances Tuesday amid widespread anxiety over COVID-19 — completely free for anyone hunkering down at home and hankering for some titillation.

Known for its “wholesome” girl-next-door strippers, the DHT gentlemen’s club has had VR in the works, but the launch “just happens to come at a time where people aren’t leaving their home,” founder Kalin Moon tells The Post. “The entire world has seen a drastic change just in the last week,” Moon says. “People need human connection and need to be entertained.

VR is a great way to accomplish this from the safety of your own home.” And home is where everyone is since Big Apple nightlife is mostly on pause after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a citywide shutdown beginning Tuesday for restaurants, bars and other venues, which includes DHT’s Rosewood Theater in Hudson Yards. Moon decided there’s no better time than today to launch DHT’s new “experience.”

The new VR dances are available online, on mobile devices and headsets starting Monday for anyone using password “livefree” at signup. While the technology itself is nothing new — a San Francisco jiggle joint debuted a VR experience in 2017 and there are plenty of online gaming versions to choose from — Moon says strip clubs are learning to adapt since the industry “changed drastically” in the wake of the 2008 market crash.

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