Trump Asks Americans To 'Band Together'

President Trump is trying to rally the country during the coronavirus outbreak. Trump has taken to Twitter asking all Americans to "band together and support your neighbors by not hoarding unnecessary amounts of food and essentials."

He added the U.S. will "stay STRONG and overcome this challenge." Trump's tweets come as some struggle to find toilet paper and other household needs. In another tweet, Trump said he was confident supply would meet demand nationwide. This echoes remarks he made earlier this week. “You don’t have to buy so much,” Trump said at a news conference. “Take it easy. Just relax.”

To that end, Trump is assuring Americans (after speaking with leading grocery chain executives) that grocers would remain open and that the supply chain remains healthy.

Speaking of supermarkets, a number of chains are not only changing their hours to allow for restocking – but creating special “seniors only” hours.

An example of what NOT to do? A man has been arrested after making a false claim of a coronavirus infection aboard an American Airlines flight. Officials say the plane was delayed for takeoff by nearly eight hours in Nashville, Tennessee because of the incident. The unidentified man is said to have refused to lift his tray as the flight prepared to leave before claiming he was infected with COVID-19. Passengers began to worry, but the man was then removed from the plane by hazmat crews and police officers, who later explained the man was joking. After the incident, crew members still refused to leave the tarmac for a few hours. There is no word on any charges the man may face.

Source: White House