Several Countries Impose Travel Restrictions, Trump Is Negative

Countries around the world have begun to restrict travel and are seeing business closures as a way to limit the spread of coronavirus. Besides the travel restrictions from Europe announced here by President Trump, other countries such as New Zealand are requiring some international visitors to self quarantine for 14-days upon their arrival.

Speaking of arrivals, the mad dash to return to the United States was complicated for thousands as travelers found themselves crammed into massive lines waiting to be tested. Frustration for those people aside, the rest of us are about to have serious cramps in our social lives as the CDC has issued further guidance, recommending against gatherings of 50 or more people for the "next eight weeks."

In discussing those guidelines yesterday at a press briefing with members of the Coronavirus Task Force, Trump also offered some news of his own: that he has been tested, and he is negative.

Where does the United States stand with COVID-19? At last check, there are nearly four-thousand cases across the United States – with 69 patients succumbing to the illness (the majority being elderly/nursing home patients in Washington State). Globally, the numbers stand at nearly 100-thousand people infected by the virus – with just over 65-hundred dead. On the plus side, nearly 80-thousand have recovered.

Washington State still has the highest number of cases, with 769. The second highest patient count is New York, where 746 positives have been confirmed. There is only one state in the country without a single case: West Virginia.

Source: White House