Schools Closed In 28 States Over COVID-19, Major Business Closures

As the world continues bracing for the full impact of the coronavirus, millions of parents are bracing for their kids to be home for at least a couple of weeks...and perhaps the rest of the year. So far, at least 28 states have taken the rare step of closing schools to try and slow the spread of coronavirus.

Arizona is the latest to make the announcement and like most, expects to only extend spring break by a week or two. But the CDC says eight weeks might make the best impact. Several big cities are also closing including the nation's two biggest districts – New York City and Los Angeles. Colleges all over have shut down as well and switched to online classes.

Beyond schools, however, a number of states are starting to shutter businesses – leaving many wondering how they’ll ever recover. So far, governors in five states have made the decision that restaurants can remain open during the coronavirus pandemic, but only to make food. Patrons will not be allowed to dine in. They’re also directing that bars, clubs and movie theaters to close.

Where does the United States stand with COVID-19? At last check, there are nearly four-thousand cases across the United States – with 69 patients succumbing to the illness (the majority being elderly/nursing home patients in Washington State). Washington State still has the highest number of cases, with 769. The second highest patient count is New York, where 746 positives have been confirmed. There is only one state in the country without a single case: West Virginia.

Source: Fox 8