WATCH: Former NYC Governor David Paterson Makes It Look As Easy As Pi

Former Governor David Paterson is celebrating Pi Day, by reciting as many numbers of Pi as he could remember.

“For this particular year, we’re going to have pi recited by a government official, because government officials never really know what’s going on in the lower frequencies of society, or in this case the higher frequencies,” Paterson joked.

Pi is 3.14, but the full number goes well beyond that, and Pi Day is celebrated every March 14th.

“I won’t be using any special effects. I’m not hooked up to have buzzers, nor will anyone bang on a garbage can while I’m speaking to disassociate me from the Houston Astros baseball club,” Paterson said. “I will not wear a blind fold, because without a blind fold I can’t see much more than I can with one on.”