Trump Meets With Congressional Republicans About Coronavirus Stimulus

President Trump says he and Congressional Republicans are working on a stimulus package to help the U.S. economy overcome the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. He hasn’t provided any other details.

As for the coronavirus response in general, Trump said he's encouraged by the number of declining cases in many of the countries hit hard by the epidemic, including China. And while people he’s had contact with are self-quarantining, he’s not worried – saying there is no need for him to be tested for the virus because he “feels great.”

Meantime, Vice President Mike Pence insists that the "full resources of the federal government" are being focused on the growing coronavirus situation, including pushing out accurate test kits. Pence is promising that millions of more tests will be available around the country by the end of the week – and that Americans won’t have to shell out co-pays to get tested.

Source: White House