Bonus Segment: Man Tattoos His Entire Body Blue

A man in Canada decided to make a change in his life and do something that would allow him to view life from a different perspective. He tattooed his body completely blue.

Donnie Snider, a former forklift driver, says that he made the decision to go big with blue after years of feeling trapped by conformity and a “lack of confidence.” “I was extremely miserable,” he said. “I decided to quit hiding, break myself out of stagnation and remake my life.”

It took three years to complete the transformation and it all started when he asked his sister to ink a portion of his leg and foot with a bright turquoise hue. He really loves the way it looks and decided that he was going to keep going with it.

Now, he shares his adventures as a jewelry-maker living in a “clapped-out transit bus” on his Instagram account.

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