Biden Sweeps Super Tuesday. 2.0

Former Vice President Joe Biden is celebrating another round of successes in Democratic presidential contests. The former VP is projected as the winner of primaries in four of six states Biden won in Idaho, Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi – with Michigan being the big prize (having 125 delegates at stake).

His adversary – Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders made a big play for Michigan after upsetting Hillary Clinton in that state's primary in 2016 – even skipping Mississippi, where he got positively pounded by Biden. What does that mean for Sanders’ future? No one knows for sure, but the drumbeat has gotten louder for Sanders to drop out.

In the aftermath, Sanders hasn’t spoken publicly, but Biden addressed a gathering of staff and media near his campaign headquarters in Philadelphia. He cheered the comeback that a little over a week ago, seemed impossible. Biden argued that America's democracy is at stake in this election. He insisted that a president should have empathy, compassion and respect for everyone.

Should Bernie step aside? That depends on your perspective. According to the latest delegate count, one-thousand, nine-hundred and 91 delegates are needed to secure the Democratic nomination. Biden has 836 and Sanders has secured 686.

Meantime, Biden and Sanders are said to be re-evaluate rallies due to concerns about the coronavirus. Illness aside, Biden made news for a very frosty interaction with a Michigan voter yesterday. During a campaign stop, an autoworker accused Biden of being against the Second Amendment. "You are actively trying to end our Second Amendment right," the worker told Biden. “And take away our guns.” Biden’s reply? He told the man he was “full of s**t.” When the man repeated his accusation that Biden was "trying to take our guns," and Biden pushed back...and shushed an aide who tried to get him to move along.

Source: The Hill