Nik Wallenda Survives Volcano Walk

Nik Wallenda made an 18-hundred foot walk over the Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua – the most active in the world. The two-hour special, which aired on ABC, also featured his wife, Erendira Wallenda, doing a highwire act over the crater.

Erendira was scheduled to perform from a helicopter, but the winds made it impossible. Instead, she performed over the lava lake with a mask on – something she hadn’t practiced. One part of her routine was supposed to feature her hanging by her teeth. She did it, but it was risky.

Meanwhile, Nik’s act required him to walk down 60 feet before walking back up. In the middle, the winds started picking up. Thankfully, he’d trained as much as humanly possible for his over-the-volcano stroll. He finished it in a little over 30 minutes. We don’t know what’s next for the Wallendas, but we know they are here for the next challenge.

Source: Dr. Dave’s Ultimate Prep

Photo Credit: Getty Images