Super Tuesday Results

Super Tuesday proved to be a very good day for former Vice President Joe Biden. With victories in Virginia, North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Minnesota and Massachusetts, Biden is now in a position to challenge Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination. Bernie claimed victory in his home state of Vermont, as well as Colorado, and Utah.

Polls remain open in some states, and races in others remain too early to call at the time of writing but the early returns have proved beneficial to Joe Biden's camp.

Elizabeth Warren entered Tuesday with just eight delegates and made it to 16 while Mike Bloomberg earned four delegates after winning in American Samoa's Democratic caucus.

Joe Biden had gone into Super Tuesday with far less financial resources than other candidates. However, as he started to win states, fundraising dollars began to increase with millions of dollars being pledged with fundraisers across the country.

Protesters tried to rush the stage that the former vice president was speaking from during a speech he was giving in Los Angeles yesterday. He was only a few words into it attempt happened. The woman tried to climb onto the riser from behind Biden and his wife Jill but was was grabbed and pulled down. She was on the riser long enough, however, to wave a sign just as Biden was launching into his remarks. A second woman then leapt up on stage, and Jill Biden shoved her away.

Both protesters flashed signs saying "LET DAIRY DIE" and appeared to be members of the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, which has protested several Democratic candidates' events during the primary season.