Coronavirus Concerns Rise In America As Six Die

The number of cases of coronavirus in the United States have jumped – at last check there are 100 – most of which are in California and Washington state. And while there have been six deaths from the illness, it’s worth noting that four of those were residents of a nursing care facility in suburban Seattle. The other two are also in Washington state.

Still, nerves for many are getting frayed as there appears to be an inconsistent effort to test Americans returning from affected zones overseas. That said, during a briefing, Vice President Mike Pence maintained that the overall risk to Americans is low. He added officials are ready for anything and this is "all hands on deck effort."

To that end, the official totals globally support that notion. Currently, just over 90-thousand people are infected worldwide – and over three-thousand have died. On the plus side, nearly 48-thousand have recovered.

The Vice President noted that there are currently no plans to restrict travel within the United States, but Pence promises there will be 100% screening for people who enter the U.S. from Italy and South Korea, where new cases have surged.

Source: ABC News