US And And Taliban Sign Deal To End War

The U.S. agreement with the Taliban is a done deal – but it may already be unraveling. More on that in a moment. First, the historic signing of an agreement to start withdrawing American troops from Afghanistan came over the weekend – with a U.S. special envoy and representatives of the Taliban signing the deal in a formal ceremony in Qatar's capital of Doha.

If it holds, it will bring the end of the longest war in American history – but therein lies the rub. As part of the initial agreement, thousands of Taliban prisoners were supposed to be freed. Now, Afghanistan's president President Ashraf Ghani says he will not free thousands of Taliban prisoners. His gripe? That the United States made a promise it had no right to make.

Meantime, the Taliban is doing some diplomacy after signing a peace deal with the U.S. The hardline Islamist group said today that its top political chief is meeting with senior diplomats from Russia, Indonesia, Norway and other countries.

Source: NBC News