WATCH: Taylor Swift Is The Man In Her New Video

Taylor Swift dropped the video for her song “The Man” and in it she plays The Man, albeit a pretty awful one.

The singer dons prosthetics to play the male protagonist in the clip, and obnoxious dude who yells at his co-workers, manspreads and smokes cigars on the subway, parties on a yacht, and even gets credit as the World’s Greatest Dad just for paying attention to his child for a second. The clip even shows the obnoxious dude 28 years later, marrying a trophy wife, who can’t even stand the sight of him.

The video ends with the character throwing a tantrum on the tennis court, and then cuts to Taylor in the director chair (she actually directed the clip) giving him critiques on his performance (he’s voiced by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson).

The video ends with some time-lapse video showing Taylor’s female to male transformation.