Lawmakers Assess Actions During Growing Coronavirus Threat

Lawmakers are assessing U.S. actions during the growing coronavirus threat. During a House hearing, CDC Director Robert Redfield called the virus “complicated.” He also noted that people should not be afraid and should not be wearing protective masks unless they are already sick with colds or the flu.

Just as President Trump has been saying, Redfield stressed that appropriate measures have been taken involving travel alerts, travel bans and quarantines. For one thing, Jonathon Fritz said the State Department moved quickly to safely evacuate U.S. citizens from China once the outbreak was confirmed.

Assurances aside, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been shedding like crazy. The Dow closed nearly 12-hundred points over fears of the coronavirus spread yesterday. It marked the sixth straight trading session of losses and the biggest single day point drop ever.

To review where “we” are? Yesterday the numbers stood at just over 82-thousand people infected by the virus worldwide – and 28-hundred dead. On the plus side, nearly 33-thousand had recovered. At last check, confirmed cases are up – to 84-thousand, but the deaths are unchanged – and nearly 37-thousand have now recovered – that’s four-thousand in one day alone.

Source: C-SPAN