Trump: Risk Of Coronavirus Low, Safety Top Priority

While many are winding into a panic about the coronavirus dubbed COVID-19, President Trump says Americans should rest assured that he'll do whatever is necessary to keep people protected. He says he’s also ready to spend whatever is needed to do it.

As we told you before, the White House has requested two-and-a-half-billion dollars...while some lawmakers say that figure should be closer to eight-billion. In an address last night, the President called the risk low, crediting travel restrictions in place.

He's also put Vice President Pence in charge of the response. Pence says he's working with health experts and state leaders daily and will add more staff to help. This update comes as national cases has jumped to 60.

At last check, just over 82-thousand people have been infected by the virus worldwide – and 28-hundred have died. On the plus side, nearly 33-thousand have recovered.

Meanwhile, Pope Francis is expressing his closeness with potentially coronavirus-inflicted patients – greeting a crowd at the Vatican with hugs and kisses during Ash Wednesday services. The worst outbreak COVID-19 outside of Asia is in Italy with more than 400 cases and at least 12 deaths. At his weekly audience, the Pontiff gave support to patients and the health care workers treating them. He kissed a few of the children and hugged more than a dozen others.

Source: White House