Bonus Segment: Man Eats A McDonald's Meal That's Over A Year Old

Not sure this is the way many people would want to celebrate turning 40 but more power to this guy. Matt Nadin wanted to do something really special for his 40th birthday, so he came up with the "McDonald's 365" challenge.

Just before his 39th birthday, he went to McDonald's and bought a Big Mac, fries and a milkshake. Then he put the three items in a plastic container and buried it in his friend's garden. Then Matt got busy and his 40th birthday kind of came and went last November, but this month he finally found the time to dig up that food. It didn't look great and tasted even worse, but Matt stuck to his guns and got everything down despite a lot of burping and gagging.

The video showed that the burger looked saggy, some of the super dry fries had turned green from mold, and the milkshake, well, it was lumpy and had a strange fizziness to it. It took about 20 minutes for Matt to get it all down but he did and later said, "For some reason, my stomach just seems to handle it."

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