Trump Expected To Speak To His Largest Crowd Ever While In India

President Trump is set to address his largest crowd ever in India today. The rally will be the first event at the largest cricket stadium in the world with a maximum capacity of 110-thousand.

The event, dubbed "Namaste Trump," is slated as a sequel to the Texas rally held last year "Howdy Modi," when 50-thousand Indian-Americans greeted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his visit. According to reports, Trump was greeted by thousands of people lining the streets.

It’s unclear if the president, who is on the trip with his wife and a 12-person official delegation, will make any official major policy announcements while in India.

But something more amusing to ponder: What’s the President going to eat? After all, he’ll be there for two hands...and while he’s an avowed lover of burgers, meatloaf and steak...his menu will be beef-free. As a source close to the President tells CNN, “I’ve never seen him eat a vegetable.”

Source: Axios