Sanders Succeeds, But Is The Party Behind Him?

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is now the clear frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president after a dominating win in Nevada. But he may not be for long – more on that in a moment. In Nevada, Sanders finished first, while Joe Biden took second and Pete Buttigieg finished third. Elizabeth Warren and billionaire Tom Steyer were fourth and fifth.

This is the second straight win for Sanders who now has more nationwide delegates than any other candidate. Still, has the group heads to South Carolina a round of primaries, Biden is reportedly getting a very important endorsement. First, House Majority Whip James Clyburn took to the airwaves yesterday about supporting Sanders... saying that the Vermont senator being a democratic socialist is an "extra burden" in the election.

Later in the day came word that Clyburn is throwing his support behind Biden will reportedly land a major endorsement ahead of next weekend's South Carolina primary. Politico reports that South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn will give his backing to the former VP. South Carolina's primary next Saturday is expected be a crucial moment for Biden's campaign, but in the eyes of many, will define the road to the convention and which Democrat will ultimately face President Trump.

On a related note...The Buttigieg campaign is demanding more information be released about the Nevada caucus results. The former mayor's campaign is asking the Nevada Democratic Party for multiple things, including the release of early vote along with in-person vote totals for each precinct. They're upset about the process of combining those two sets of votes and claim "errors and inconsistencies." The campaign says that included the wrong candidate getting the early vote total in multiple places.

Source: New York Times