Coronavirus Is Spreading Around The World

The coronavirus outbreak is spreading – but while some are inciting panic, there is still good news to be had. Here’s how it breaks down: South Korea is reporting that the number of confirmed cases has doubled for the third straight day – they are second only to China in the number of confirmed cases.

Meanwhile, Europe has seen its first deaths because of COVID-19 when Italian officials announced two of their patients have died. Iranian officials have confirmed a sixth person has died in that country as Israel and Lebanon both have their first cases of the virus.

So where’s the “good news?” The emergency alert level is being lowered in Wuhan as Chinese health officials assure the public that the coronavirus is being contained. But also, while there are more than 79-people currently infected worldwide and the death tally is at 26-hundred? Don’t forget that there are recoveries to consider: more than 25-thousand of them.

Source: CNBC