Report: Barr Threatening To Leave Over Trump Tweets

Trouble in Trump paradise? Depends whom you ask. The “Washington Post” is reporting that Attorney General Bill Barr is considering resigning over President Trump's tweets about Justice Department investigations. As we told you last week, Barr said that Trump’s tweeting about Justice Department matters makes it “impossible” to do his job.

Now, the “Post” is saying that Barr has expressed his position with advisers close to Trump in hopes that the President will stop taking to Twitter to voice his opinions about DOJ matters. Resignation is said to be a part of that position as Trump has been critical of the sentencing of his longtime associate Roger Stone.

To ask Justice Department officials, however, that’s just not so. Spokeswoman Kerri Kupec took to Twitter overnight to call the reports “Beltway rumors” and said Barr has no plans to resign.

Source: Washington Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images