Doctors Won't Remove This Fitness Models Breast Implants

New York based personal trainer says doctors have refused to remove her breast implants because they don't want to ruin her “Sports Illustrated body.”

Fitness influencer Bec Donlan got the implants 11 years ago because she was “self-conscious” about being born with a concave chest.

“I had heard of breast implant illness, but I thought it sounded like bulls–t — and to be honest, I didn’t care, because I really loved my boobs and didn’t want to give them up,” she said.

“I would put up with any issue to keep my boobs.”

Finding a Doctor to take them out for her proved difficult.

“Doctors told me they wouldn’t do it because it wouldn’t look good,” she said.

“One even said, ‘You’ve got a Sports Illustrated body and I’m going to leave you looking terrible, so I’m not doing it,'” she claimed.

She finally settled on a board-certified plastic surgeon in California for the op — posting an emotional confessional on Instagram in late December to prepare her followers for the big change to come.