Coronavirus Death Toll Rises To Nearly 14-hundred

Health officials in China say nearly 14-hundred people have died from the coronavirus. In the area where the outbreak is centralized, over a hundred more people died yesterday – still, only three people have died outside of mainland China.

The total number of people infected with the respiratory illness is over 65-thousand – including more than a dozen infected people in the U.S. As for the numbers, officials are warning not to read too much in a jump of 20-thousand newly reported infections this week. They point to a new reporting system. Meanwhile, nearly seven-thousand people have recovered.

With crises, come snake oil salesmen...and televangelist Jim Bakker is now trying to shuck "silver sol," something he claims “can eliminate the new coronavirus strain within 12 hours.” Experts say his claims are nonsense.

It’s worth noting – for those who don’t recall – that Bakker infamously spent time in prison for bilking worshipers in the 1980s, offered the product to viewers of his TV show who called in to donate money.

Source: Ars Technica