Jim Carrey Shoots His Shot With Reporter

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League

Arsenal v Manchester United - Premier League

The press grind can get tiring, so Jim Carrey decided to ease the tension and have some fun with reporter Charlotte Long while talking about his new movie “Sonic The Hedgehog.” When asked what’s left to do on his bucket list, he got a little flirty with his answer.

“I was wondering after all you’ve done in your career and your life, is there anything left on your bucket list?” Long asked the actor and comedian. To which he replied, “Just you. That’s it. It’s all done now.” Long had to take a minute to recover from the playful answer, admitting she didn’t know what to say, which Carrey responded with, “just own it.”

Sure, the moment was a little awkward, but it looks like it was all in good fun and they shared a laugh. His serious bucket list answer? The possibilities “just keep coming.” “I made myself a $10-million check for services that would one day be rendered,” he added. “That came true.”

Source: E! News