Bonus Segment: Officer Cut Hole In Her Pants To Have Sex With An Inmate

So this headline really says it all. We have a prison guard in the UK that was apparently having a six-month affair with a notorious drug smuggler that was on her watch.

The officer, 40-year-old Stephanie Smithwhite, is accused of also cutting a hole in her uniform trousers to facilitate sexual liaisons with imprisoned gangster Curtis 'Cocky' Warren. His name again is Curtis "Cocky" Warren. Now Stephanie denies that she did anything to her pants but the judge said it was hard to imagine another reason she would make an incision where she did. Smithwhite also sent "Cocky" a photograph of herself wearing a catsuit.

Her lawyer says she made a bad judgment call while the judge said, "Your conduct represents the very most grave breach of trust placed in you," and sentenced her to two years in jail.

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