Feds Indict Four Chinese Military Hackers In Equifax Case

The Department of Justice has revealed that four Chinese military hackers are being indicted in connection with a major cybercrime in the U.S. The case involved the massive intrusion of credit reporting giant Equifax in 2017.

At a press conference, Attorney General Bill Barr told reporters that the scale of the crime was “staggering.” He called it “a deliberate and sweeping intrusion” into the private information of the American people.

He’s not kidding – the breach was one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history. The hack compromised personal data of nearly 150-million Americans – that’s nearly half our population – to include social security numbers, driver’s licenses and more. Last year, the company agreed to pay up to $700-million in fines and monetary relief to consumers.

Source: Department of Justice