Trump Gloats As He Takes Victory Lap After Senate Impeachment Trial

President Trump is taking a victory lap after his acquittal in the Senate impeachment trial. During an event at the White House, Trump said the whole impeachment ordeal was “very unfair” and again insisted that he “did nothing wrong.”

The President went on to say that impeachment was part of “an evil witch hunt” that began the day he started running for president. Trump called it a “disgrace” and said it should never happen to another president. Not surprisingly, he had some choice words for both House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Utah Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

While using an expletive to describe what he’s been through, Trump called Pelosi a “horrible person” and that he “doubts she prays at all.” He also decried Romney’s Mormon faith as “a crutch.” “You know, it’s a failed presidential candidate,” Trump noted. “Things can happen when you fail so badly running for President.

Source: White House

Photo Credit: Getty Images