Iowa Caucuses: And The Winner Is...?

Presidential hopefuls have moved on to New Hampshire following the chaos in Iowa Monday night. At least seven Democratic candidates are campaigning in the state...and no one knows who the actual winner is, but so far? South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg appears to be in the lead.

The initial results reflect 62% of Iowa's precincts from all 99 counties tallied and Buttigieg is leading the field, with 26.9% of state delegate equivalents. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is right behind with 25.1% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is third, at 18.3%. Then we have former Vice President Joe Biden taking fourth at 15.6%, and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota rounding out the top five with 12.6% of the votes.

Still, the finals aren’t in and as such, the candidates ALL say they feel they did well. We shall see after a debate in New Hampshire Friday and the state’s primary on Tuesday. Understandably, the Iowa Democratic Party chair Troy Price is apologizing profusely – and the chair of the Democratic National Committee is also hanging his head. Tom Perez saying it's clear "the app in question did not function adequately.”

Source: Des Moines Register

Photo Credit: Getty Images