Bonus Segment: Casket Company Is Selling Glitter Coffins For Disco Funerals

A casket company is looking to send you off in style with a new line of glitter coffins that are perfect for that person who just loved disco music. The Glitter Coffin company says that these are ideal for those who’ve thought “Nanna’s coffin looks so drab,” or those who hope to rise from the grave with a “Twilight”-Esque sparkle.

They offer a wide range of “beautiful bespoke glitter and crystal coffins and caskets” for roughly $220. What’s more, your final resting place can be as colorful as your life was. There are dozens of casket colors available from lilac to rose gold and each of these shimmering sarcophagi is made to order and hand-upholstered. The company even ships worldwide.

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