Annabella Sciorra Details Alleged Rape At Hands Of Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein's rape trial continues in Manhattan, and now we’ve heard from one of his accusers under oath. Actress Annabella Sciorra took the stand and tearfully detailed rape she alleges happened at the hands of Weinstein that dates back to the early 90s.

She claims that Weinstein barged into her apartment and raped her. And when she confronted him a month later? Sciorra says he menacingly said it "remains between you and I” and that she thought he would strike her. Defense attorneys tried to pick apart her testimony – even playing an old “Letterman” clip in which she laughs, “I’ve been caught lying a lot in the past few years.” She stayed firm.

Given that Sciorra's allegations date back nearly thirty-years, the statute of limitations has expired, and Weinstein isn't being charged in relation to her. The prosecution says her testimony is key, in that it establishes a pattern of predatory sexual behavior. Weinstein denies that any sex he's had was non-consensual. He faces life in prison if convicted.

Source: USA Today

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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