Bonus Segment: Academy Teaches Women To Be ‘50s Housewives

A British woman – who gave up her job in marketing to be a traditional housewife from the 50s – is teaching others how to do the same. Alena Kate Pettitt says working made her feel “unsatisfied,” so she quit to be a full-time homemaker and mom, who now enjoys making sure her husband comes home to a cooked meal made with food she bought using her “monthly allowance.”

She says she found a lot of other “traditional” women who like living this kind of lifestyle, so she decided to start The Darling Academy, a website that encourages women to put their husbands first and treat them “like it’s 1959.” The academy also shares recipes, tips on etiquette, and supports a return to “traditional manners, lifestyle and values.”

Pettitt says she wasn’t interested in being independent and breaking glass ceilings and she feels she was born to be a mother and a wife. While some may say that the “traditional wife” trend is a big step back for women, she points out that feminism is about choices. And she says she’s “happy to submit to, keep house, and spoil” her husband.

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