Impeachment Trial: Day Two In The Books

Just before 2am, the Senate adjourned...and the first real day of President Trump’s Senate Impeachment trial was done. What was accomplished in the end? The rules are set – and as you might’ve guessed, the votes about subpoenaing witnesses, evidence and classified materials went along party lines. All 11 of them.

Still, there were some concessions along the way. For example, the initial decree that each side would have 24 hours "over up to 2 session days" to present their cases was extended to arguments from each side playing out across three days instead. Credit for that move reportedly goes to moderate Republicans including Maine’s Susan Collins.

Not only that, there may be some witnesses after all. According to reports, Democrats are privately discussing the calling of Hunter Biden...if the Republicans will put former National Security Advisor John Bolton on the stand. No word on the chances of that happening, but we’ll keep you posted. Today’s proceedings are expected to begin at 1pm ET.

ONE MORE THING! Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts gave a public dressing down to both the House managers and President’s legal team – admonishing them all for their behavior.After a particularly tense exchange where each side called the other ‘liars,’ Roberts said the players should avoid speaking in a manner that is "not conducive to civil discourse." He said the lawyers should remember where they are, calling the Senate the "world's most deliberative body."

BUT WAIT...THERE’S MORE! As we told you before, the Senators – who are demanded to sit in Chambers for the entire run – are also strictly prohibited from bringing electronic devices in. Turns out, eight Senators (six Republicans and two Democrats) snuck in their Apple watches. But that’s not all, Kentucky’s Rand Paul was reportedly spotted doing a crossword puzzle (against the rules) and several others were seen passing notes – also a no no.

Source: C-SPAN